Roberto Mercer

Testimonials From Students

 "Roberto helped me elevate my game to the next level. His coaching was invaluable. The results were remarkable. I want from sporadic successes to consistent, quantifiable success virtually overnight. His 'hands-on' teaching technique really works!" Rick L., Boston, MA

"After 2 months of coaching, my game has been transformed from being run-of-the-mill to being a consistent winner in both cash games and tournaments...." Jon K. Clearwater, FL

"Halfway through his program, I felt renewed confidence and migrate my game uptown. Within weeks, I had won and cashed in major tournaments, several with winnings over $50,000." Perriz O., Baton Rouge, LA

 "Losing is not in his vocabulary. Roberto is a no-nonsense, in-your-face coach. He will not accept anything less than perfection. He is not for everybody, only those who want to get better and win! If you want to become a winner, learn from Roberto who knows exactly how to make that happen....." Aaron M., Las Vegas, NV


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